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"(Elizabeth) Farnum, well known for her service to contemporary music, has a clear, sweet voice, fluid, agile, and  precise in intonation...her music often veers high on the staff... she masters it easily...her vocal technique is so secure that she has no difficulty starting a phrase on a high note."

   Maria Nockin, Fanfare


“A honeyed tone that sailed gracefully”
Allan Kozinn, the New York Times



“Elizabeth Farnum negotiates the high tessitura with grace, bringing delicate shading of dynamics to her characteristic pitch-­‐perfect accuracy”
Christian Carey, CD Review


"The extraordinary Elizabeth Farnum...revealed herself to be a wonderfully expressive performer, with an impressive control and a crystalline clarity of tone…”
Fred Volkmer, The Southampton Press



"Elizabeth equal to the considerable challenge of these songs which demand and receive both delicacy and a tempestuous fulminant...the singing has about it a dazzling confidence..."
Rob Barnett, MusicWeb Magazine (UK)



"Elizabeth Farnum navigated Boulez's intervallic leaps with great agility and beautiful tone."
The New Music Connoisseur



“Farnum’s superb musicality and clarity of diction are absolutely exemplary in this performance.”
Lynn Rene Bayley, Fanfare Magazine



"Soprano Elizabeth Farnum sings (Eric Moe's) Siren Songs with brilliance and sensitivity…"
Andrew Druckenbrod, Pittsburgh Post-­Gazette



"Soprano Elizabeth Farnum displays an astonishing vocal range...consistently clear, silvery, lyrical and focused tone quality"
Louise Causey Lewis, Hilton Head Island Packet


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